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Founded in 1983, Yamato Capital AG combines traditional entrepreneurship with an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Our fields of activity are the development of projects as well as lead investments.


We have a specialized management team with extensive experience, excellent know-how, and global connections in the energy industry. Our specialists accompany the selected projects and lead them to sustainable success.

Furthermore, Yamato Capital employs a team of highly specialized experts on a project-specific basis to develop and support projects and investments.


Our engagements are selected based on criteria that are meaningful to us. Sustainability is important to us. The work is always characterized by stability and carried out at a high level. The projects we undertake after thorough examination are at the forefront for us. We are in constant exchange with experts regarding the goals of the projects that are central to us. Markets are defined by consumers and their needs. Sustainability and environmentally conscious action are increasingly in focus. We invest in projects and companies that pursue and expand climate neutrality.


Our investments are exclusively in companies and markets whose concepts are growth-oriented and sustainability-focused. When selecting projects, the competence of the individuals involved and the prospect of an expanding market in Europe are priorities for us. For this reason, we only invest in a limited number of companies and accompany them in their growth. Companies operating in an expanding market, with competent and flexible management able to adapt to changing market conditions, come into closer focus for a successful future in Yamato Capital's portfolio.

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